World Leaders Are Trying To Reduce The World Population!

In my opinion, according to actions observed.   The easiest and sneakiest way is through our food supply.

GMOs Can Kill Us


GMO seeds are designed soak up the poison and it doesn't wash off!

GMO seeds are modified to resist insects and absorb more poison!

Regular seeds are designed to have poison stay on the surface of the plant and the poison can be washed off. For these seeds, more poison must be used since the poison can be washed off by rain. While GMO seeds take less poison since they are designed to soak up the poison and don't wash off. This is bad for our health because we eat the poison in the food, even though we wash the surface of the GMO plants. 

Congress made the big farming corporations have control of our food supply.

Congress made a law to supply food stamps in place of the commodity program.

Small farmers were protected by the Price Support law.

The Department of Agriculture guaranteed a minimum price the farmers' crops.

Since there was always a surplus of food, the Department of Agriculture bought the surplus and distributed it to the elderly and children. Now the commodity program has been replaced by food stamps, leaving the small farmer without any security for his market. Many small farmers would have to sell their land to big corporations if bad crops occurred.

I know about this first hand because I was an Assistant Commodity Distributor for thirteen years, and distributed USDA foods to the county welfare sites and schools.

In the 1950's, I was in high school and took vocational agriculture. I learned how to be a farmer.

We were taught to plant a cover crop and turn the crop under for the nutrients our cash crop needed, like nitrogen, phosphorus, and many other minerals.

Now the farmer doesn't put the minerals back into the soil to be absorbed into the plants they grow and you eat. All the fertilizer that is applied, is just for producing a larger crop, with no concern for the minerals our bodies need for good health and immunity to resist diseases.

What can we do to get healthy food? We can have what people called a VICTORY GARDEN in WW2. They raised their own food!

Some people would call me a MAVERICK

There are things that are wrong and we need to take a different road in life. 

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